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Investing for Teens

(Scroll down for adult offerings.)

I am seriously invested in the success of my students!

 Learn to use a stock marked simulation program to practice buying and selling stocks and funds . I'll help you prepare for your financial future in the teen section of the novice investors program! 

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Is this class for you?

  • Are you thinking about the future and how you will lead an independent life?

  • Are you curious about the stock market?

  • Do you want to learn how to use your money to make more money

  • Would you like to practice with simulated funds before you put your real money on the line?

If you answer "yes", I hope to see you in class! 


What You Will Learn

  • Basic terminology about the stock market,

  • What the stock market is,

  • The difference between private and public corporations and individual stocks vs funds,

  • What an index is,

  • How dividends work.

  • How to research a stock

  • How to create and manage an investment portfolio 

  • How to monitor your returns 

  • Why your portfolio gains or loses value.  


How to Register

Live Zoom classes available at Outschool for middle school and high school students.  Join a group or request an individual tutorial. 

Check for availability. New sections added regularly. 


If you don't see an open section, send me a message.  We'll schedule something that works for us.  I'll put it on the schedule and we'll invite other students to join the class. 

What made you stick with the class until the end?
  • How kind, calm and polite the teacher was, along with how interesting the material was.

  • I enjoyed your teaching method.

  • My mom said investing is something I need to learn since it's a life skill.

  • My mother and our family has been putting money in an investment account for me.

  • My mom made me.

For Adult Novice Investors

Knowledge is Power

Take care of yourself and those you love, with an experienced, supportive teacher.  No gimmicks, hype or get rich quick schemes; I'll show you how to open an account and learn the skills you need to manage your own investments. 


You're in charge of your financial future!

Online classes for novice investors and novice options traders. 

Invest for generational wealth
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