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Solterra Way Tiny School

In-person, Montessori-based instruction with limited screen-time for elementary school students. 3-hour sessions may include up to four compatible students of various ages and academic needs. Our engaging, focused, academic program will develop skills and concepts appropriate to all educational settings, and is tailored to our individual students' needs. We prioritize parent communication and actively collaborate with teachers of children who are dually-enrolled in other schools.
Please reach out and let us know how we might serve your child.

Things to Know

  • Morning times available, up to 3 days a week

  • Commitment to shared health and safety

  • Homework negotiable

  • Collaboration with base school for students who are dually enrolled

  • Regular feedback about your child's progress

  • Teacher experienced with all kinds of learners, including those who are gifted, twice-exceptional, new to English, Deaf or hard of hearing, or who have learning differences

  • We sometimes work with a teaching assistant.

  • Pod learning is appropriate for students who are able to:

    • attend to lessons

    • work independently

    • support and respect the work of their classmates.

  • Children must be able to wear a mask when needed and walk upstairs independently.

  • We share our home with a large, gentle, older dog.  She is not usually in the classroom area, but has been known to sneak upstairs to lie close to us during a thunderstorm.

  • Individual learners: $225/3-hour session

  • Pod learning: $180/3-hour session 

  • 3-hour Montessori-based work cycle

  • Those seeking shorter sessions, check out our individual tutoring services.

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