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Individual Instruction

Tutoring and Remediation

  • Reading readiness

  • Reading comprehension

  • Phonetic decoding

  • Writing- composition at all levels

  • Handwriting for ease and fluency

  • Math concepts and strategies from kindergarten to Algebra

Note:  Patricia utilizes HillWrite and HillRAP materials from The Hill Center.  While she is not Hill Center certified, she completed a 5-day literacy workshop there. She also completed 3 days of training with Jan Olsen, developer of the Handwriting Without Tears program and uses those materials to support student writing.  

Academic Enrichment for Gifted Students

  • Grammar and language structure

    • parts of speech,

    • phrases,

    • clauses and

    • parts of a sentence

  • Poetics/Poetics of Prose

  • Academic Writing

  • Advanced Math Concepts and Problem Solving (challenge without rote practice).

  • Patricia has attended several workshops with Michael Clay Thompson over the years and uses his excellent language arts materials to teach grammar and sentence analysis as well as poetics.    

  • Advanced, gifted math students, often appreciate novel, fast-moving content without much repetition.  For them, we often incorporate the works of Edward Zaccaro.  A student once observed about his Challenge Math book, "The cool thing about this book is you have to learn what's in the chapter before you can answer the questions!"  

Homework Support

  • Project planning

  • Editing and revising

  • Understanding math concepts

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