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Testing and Assessment Services

 Understanding your child's needs

How it Works

For tutoring students

  • Meet with parents

  • Review existing records

  • Make an assessment plan  

  • Meet with your child to conduct assessments.  

  • Review results and make an instructional plan.

For  students needing assessment for other purposes

  • Plan with parents.

  • Conduct assessments.

  • Provide results and/or written documentation according to needs.


The goal of assessment is to answer your questions and help us plan for your child's needs. It may be brief or comprehensive. Read below for examples of some of the assessments I offer.

Standardized Assessments

  • Woodcock Johnson III  Test of Achievement

Suitable for ages 4 to adult, this test measures academic development in several areas.  Most students require between 90 minutes and 2 ½ hours to complete the assessment.  Subtests may be selected to meet the individual needs of students and families.

  • Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT2)

This test can be conducted in one sitting and provides useful information about the underlying verbal and non-verbal abilities that your child brings to the learning process.  


Other Assessments  

  • Developmental Reading Assessment (comprehension and fluency)

  • Evaluation of emerging reading skills including concepts about print, phonemic awareness and decoding skills.

  • Handwriting evaluation for legibility and efficiency

  • Analysis of writing samples

  • Observation of writing process

  • Math tasks and problem-solving

  • Specific course content for remediation or acceleration.

Reporting Options

  • Brief score report for standardized assessments

  • Meeting with parents to review and interpret assessment results

  • Full written report including results, interpretation and recommendations.  Suitable for sharing with schools, teachers and other service providers. 


Other Testing Options

If your child would benefit from an assessment using an instrument I do not yet own, I will consider adding it to my resources if we make a plan that covers my direct costs.       



Note: While I am not able to diagnose a learning disability, I will tell parents if I believe the screening results indicate a need for further assessment by a psychologist.

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