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Solterra Way Tiny School
Individual instruction $225, 3-hour session

Shared instruction $180/student 3-hour session (reflects $15/hour discount). 

Individual Instruction/Tutoring (Patricia)

$85/hour (less than 3-hour block)

Individual Tutoring (John)



Shared or Small Group Instruction

$15/hour discount per student for shared learning.



Woodcock Johnson III- Test of Achievement

  • Broad Reading and Math (six subtests) - $300

  • Each additional subtest- $50

  • Simple score report, emailed pdf no additional charge

K-Bit2-Aptitude Test

  • One session - $200

  • Score report, emailed pdf no additional charge


Other Assessments

  • May include writing, reading, response to math instruction, or other areas as needed or requested.

  • Academic/observational assessments to answer questions presented by parents, or which may be revealed during testing

  • Ask for a quote.


Parent Consultation

Interpretation of assessment results, planning and recommendations - $100

Homeschool Compliance Package:  $300
Suitable for parents who want assistance to be in compliance with NC requirements for annual assessments of their homeschooled children and who want to maintain a record of their child’s progress year to year using the same test.  Requires one test session and optional parent consultation after scoring.

  • Woodcock Johnson III, Broad Reading, and Broad Math assessments

  • PDF score report emailed to you for your files

  • (Optional) 15 minute parent consultation/interpretation in person or by phone.

  • Discounts for multiple children from the same family

Aptitude and Achievement Screening Package:  $500
This pair of assessments will help parents see if their children are acquiring the academic skills that would be predicted by their cognitive abilities.  It may provide helpful information for children who seem to be underachieving or students where giftedness is suspected.  It also meets the requirement of annual testing for home-schooled students.  Requires one or two testing sessions with a parent consultation after scoring.

  • K-Bit2

  • Woodcock Johnson III Broad Reading and Broad Math assessments

  • PDF score reports emailed to parents

  • Parent consultation and interpretation of results (about 30 minutes)

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