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Tiny Pool Swim School

Swim Lessons for Children in Durham and Chapel Hill

Is your child ready to learn to swim?


My warm, supportive approach and calm environment is just right for 3-8 year old beginners. 

And when students are ready for a little more challenge, the Endless Pool swim current is perfect to build endurance for longer swims. 

Cost and Scheduling

  • 30-minute lessons

  • $25/student for small group lesson

  • $50/lesson for 1:1 instruction

Group class size limit: 3 students

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The Swim Lesson Experience

Getting Here

Classes are at my home in Solterra. Students stop off at the "Tiny School" classroom on the way in, and everyone goes potty, even if they don't think they need to! You can also change in there if needed, and there's a shower if anyone needs to rinse off.

Then walk around to the other side of the house and onto the porch.

Parents/siblings can wait outside on the deck and watch through the windows, or come into the pool room. There are chairs and a hammock on the deck.

The Pool

The year-round pool is located on a screened porch with EZ Breeze windows which can be closed in the winter.  The adjacent deck is covered.


The comfortable, warm (90-degree) pool is 9 feet wide, 15 feet long, with a depth of 54 inches in the center.  There are risers for young students to stand on 3 sides.

The Lesson

I don't like to have students spend much time sitting on the side of the pool, so there is a lot of organized movement in the water, even though no one is ever far beyond my reach. If I'm teaching 3 children, I ask at least one parent to be in the room to provide an extra set of watchful eyes. 

Students work on floating (front and back), gliding, kicking and learning to "pull with your arms." Grabbing a breath and continuing to swim is the biggest milestone on the independent swimming journey.


Once students learn to swim the 9-foot width, they move up to the 15-foot length, then we turn the swim current on low and they start to swim in place! If they work really hard, sometimes they can outswim the current and make it all the way across the pool. Students especially love a few minutes of "play time" at the end when they can enjoy a free ride across the pool in the swim current!

My Credentials

I have taught swimming lessons since 1981, when I met my PE requirements at UNC with Lifesaving and Water Safety Instructor courses.  After I graduated, I  trained and certified to teach adapted aquatics and I was even an EMT for a while. Even though the certifications expired a few years ago, I still love teaching beginners how to float, manage their breathing, and move safely across the water. I leave the competition work to the coaches, though.


I prefer to schedule pool time on weekdays, early in the day, finishing up by 2 p.m.

I limit my pool time to about 2 hours/day. Once I have someone on the calendar, I plan my own daily swim and any other lessons immediately before or after.

Summer 2024, I'll also be working around my in-person academic students and online investing/options trading clients. The swim lessons might be my favorite part of the day, though!

If You Want to Schedule Lessons

If you've made it this far and want to plan a lesson, reach out and tell me about your child and your schedule. If you have a couple of friends to create a ready-made class, even better!  


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Swim Lesson

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