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Solterra Way Cottage School

Supporting in-person and online learning

Individual Instruction:  

  • Reading, writing, handwriting, math, grammar, vocabulary, poetics, academic knowledge, American Sign Language,

  • Remediation,

  • Challenge and acceleration,

  • Homework support,

  • English for speakers of other languages.

Academic Assessments:

Better understand and plan for your child's learning needs.

Tiny School: 

  • Limited screens,

  • Customized, Montessori-based instruction for your child or pod,  

  • Flexible scheduling.

Learn to Invest

  • Novice investors new to the stock market,

  • Beginner-friendly strategies for novice options traders,

  • For teens and adults.

Tiny Pool Swim School

  • 30-minute lessons

  • 1:1 $50Group $25/student (Up to 3 students)

  • Year-round, warm, Endless Pool

  • Ask about availability

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Tiny Pool Swim School

Swim Lessons for Children
in Durham and Chapel Hill

Warm, supportive, calm environment is just right for 3-8 year old beginners. 

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Investing and Options Trading
for Adults and Teens

Crystal Salt

Teen Student

Testimonials and Reviews

I learned what dividends and mutual funds are. 

Learn to Invest in the Stock Market
Abstract Background

Patricia Saylor

Educational Diagnostician

Head of School

With more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as an educator and school administrator, I am prepared to address your child's unique learning needs.  


I hold a BA in Spanish and Education from UNC-Chapel Hill and an MA in Linguistics from Gallaudet University.  I am certified by the American Montessori Society and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and hold teaching certifications from the NC Department of Public Instruction in 7 areas, including licenses to teach children with disabilities and those who are academically gifted. I speak English and Spanish and am fluent in American Sign Language.

For information about Solterra Way Cottage School partners and employees, and those who live and work in our home, click below. I look forward to investing in your child's academic success.

Patricia Saylor

For more about the Novice Investors Program for teens and adults, check out Saylor Financial Fundamentals. Read a detailed bio about my journey from "stock market curious" to brain tumor survivor, to teaching others how to invest with confidence.

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Patricia quickly and accurately assessed Noah’s learning strengths and weaknesses/gaps beyond what two previous major psycho-educational testing reports had found...


Patricia constantly let Noah know that she completely believed in him and was there to help him be successful. She attended to Noah’s academic, cognitive, and emotional needs with endless patience and positivity...

My first grader was bored with math and seeking more challenging problems to solve and Patricia developed engaging enrichment lessons that helped him pursue his love of math.

One aspect of Patricia's approach to tutoring that sets her apart is that she really gets that how a child thinks provides important information about what might be preventing learning... I greatly appreciated Patricia's focus on needing to hear my daughter think out loud before she could make an accurate assessment.

(Patricia) was the first to identify a learning challenge faced by one of my sons that was later diagnosed and treated. If not for her, it likely would have taken several more years before it was identified by the schools.

I learned a lot about the stock market and what dividends and mutual funds are.

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Safe Health Practices 

All in-person participants and staff will make a shared commitment to safe health practices both in and out of our program.

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On learning and teaching

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